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*Clearinghouse Changes Took Effect July 1, 2017*

Contact us if you would like help fully evaluating your options. We want to help you find the best solution for your business.

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What is happening? To date, we have provided support and access to multiple clearinghouses through the Futura system. We have been happy to provide this service, but the time has come when the burden on our resources exceeds the fees we charge our clients. As of July 1, 2017, all clients using a clearinghouse other than Waystar (Ie: Emdeon, CEDI, Trizetto) will be charged an additional $99/month per clearinghouse.

Who does it effect? This change effects all Futura customers utilizing a Clearinghouse other than Waystar.

Is there an Alternative? We have worked hard to find an alternative that has technical experts, in-house support, and technologically and financially superior products. Through our efforts, we have negotiated a contract with Waystar If you choose to utilize Waystar you will no longer have to go through our support staff to gain access to your clearinghouse. In addition, we will not charge you the additional $99 fee because of the support they provide.


What If I Utilize Multiple Clearinghouses?
You will be charged $99 per clearinghouse. So for example, if you use Emdeon and CEDI, you will pay an additional $198/month.

I still need Clearinghouse support, what do I do?
We will still provide you support if you are on one of the clearinghouses, but you will be charged the additional fee. The alternative is to partner with Waystar, as they have their own in-house support and technical experts.

What can I do to not pay the fee?
We have worked hard to find a clearinghouse that we can give our stamp of approval. Through this search we found that Waystar provides top notch customer support, they have in-house technical experts, and they have a product that is technologically and financially superior to the competition. If you partner with Waystar as your Clearinghouse, you will not be charged the additional fee.

Want to Know More about Waystar? (Can we make this a callout on the side?)
Click here to watch a video overview of what Waystar has to offer.

  • Cloud-based
  • In-house support and technical experts
  • Claims validation policies that drive 98% clean claims
  • Cuts down on payer rejections and denials, reduces reimbursement time frames…ultimately creating a cleaner billing process with less errors
  • Reporting & analytics functionality to include denial and rejection reports
  • Continuing education in the form of webinars and a user conference
  • When a payer rejects a claim, Waystar has SimpleResponse. This is a tool that translates the rejection language into laymen terms, making it simple and understandable for everyone.
  • Dashboards that allow you to review rejected claims, show you the error, and correct and resubmit…all in one location!
  • Provide front end edits on claims allowing for clearing claims being presented to the payer the first time!
  • Ability to utilize custom rules for edits and validations to assist in claim submission

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