Update Emdeon sFTP

Emdeon sFTP Upgrade

This will upgrade the Emdeon submission process from using a modem, to sending claims electronically through sFTP.

Install the upgrade:

  • Inside Futura go to Utilities > System Utilities > Get Updates and run “Emdeon sFTP Upgrade”. Follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.

Using the new feature:

  • Process your claims as you normally would for Emdeon. Once you get to the point to actually transmit the batch, a new FTP Engine transmission screen will appear.

  • Click “Send File(s)”. A transfer progress screen will appear.

  • Once the process has completed a “Script Done” will appear. Click the “OK”, then click the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the FTP transfer window, then click “Exit” on the FTP Engine screen.
  • You will see the same new screens when get reports and ERNs.


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