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 Unhang Me Tool

The Citrix Unhang Me Tool allows the user to unhang themselves without the assistance of support. It can be found on the Citrix Receiver Dashboard, or, if it hasn’t been used before, with the other applications that are available to the user.  Simply open all applications and click on the one to be added to the dashboard.



After clicking on the icon, it will bring up a new window that has all of the Citrix applications that the user is logged into.



Click on the application that needs to be unhung and look at the SessionID. The SessionID is extremely important!  If the hung application has a SessionID tied to another application, go to the application that isn’t hung and save the work if possible before going any further.

Notice there are 2 SessionIDs that are the same in the clip below, if one is closed, they would both close.



Highlight the hung application and click Logoff. Once the application has been unhung, wait 5 minutes before logging back in.



This tool cannot be used to unhang anyone in the system other than the current user.

If you are still hung or have further questions, feel free to call us here at support at 1-800-840-6057!



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