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Running SQL Reports

The following instructions will guide you through running Futura SQL reports


SQL Reports are only accessible if you have the correct user permissions. Your administrator can turn on these rights by going to the SQL Reports tab under the User Rights.



Once you have the correct user permissions you will want to log in to Futura. On the top toolbar, under Reports, there is an option called SQL Reports. When you click on this you will have a new window show up that has several different categories.



You can sort any field in ascending or descending by clicking on the header for that field.

You can also filer a field by using the funnel icon that appears to the right on a header when you have your mouse pointer on that header. Once you have clicked the funnel there is a list of unique values contained in the field. You can click several different check boxes to create a custom filter including only those items or you can create your own custom filter by clicking ‘(Custom…)’ and working with the tools that are provided there. Note that the custom filter matches are case specific.


There are also options available by right-clicking on any field header. The most beneficial one is going to be Best Fit (all columns)’. This will resize all of the fields you have on the report so they are easier to view.


There are options available in the footers of the fields by right-clicking under that field. This will give you a selection of options available for the specific field type that you clicked under, for example: Sum

When you click on a category, a list of reports that fit in that category will appear. Highlighting a single report in one of these categories will bring up a brief description on the far right of what the report returns.


Once you choose a report you want to run, click the ‘Run Report’ button located on the right. Some reports will have screens appear after you click the button asking you to fill out additional criteria and some will not need additional information from you.

Once the report returns the data, you can filter it further to your liking. To do this, click the ‘Choose Fields’ button at the top. A list of all of the available fields for this report will appear. You can select and unselect the fields to customize the columns that you see. If you do a right click within the ‘Field Chooser’ screen, you will get an option box that will let you check or uncheck all of the fields at one time. If at any time you want to have all the fields showing you can, also, check the ‘Show All Fields’ button next to the ‘Choose Fields’ button.




After you have filtered and sorted a report, you can save that layout for future use by clicking on the disk icon up in the Layouts area.


If you have any additional questions about how to use this tool, please feel free to call our support line at 1-800-840-6057 and it would be our pleasure to help you.





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