Futura Update


New Features, Updates and Fixes

Version W6.5  (Non-Hosted)

Update 1/29/2019 – Version W 6.5 2019.01.29

This update fixes the “Get Updates” in Futura after a change to the https  6.5 Update

Previous Updates

  • Hot Fix for the new TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security protocol). The change to TLS 1.2 caused the Credit Card processing to stop working. This Hot Fix corrects the issue.

For instructions on how to update, please Click Here

Version W6.6  (Hosted)

On January 24 2019 you will receive an update to your Futura system. All changes are listed in detail below.


  • The “Get Updates” and the SQL report updater will now use the https:// instead of http:// for pulling update files.
  • The ERN import will now properly handle paid units of service sent in decimal format.
  • Fixed an issue with the data set “User Preferences” saving small bits of info back to the file every time the image screen is opened and closed. This was causing the file to get larger unnecessarily.
  • Fixed an issue with the main Appointment availability times on the Company screen. If the times were changed, the shaded availability area on the appointment calendar would not update to reflect the new availability time.



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