AOPA Lower Extremity Version 2

To install a Patient Form into Futura

Copy the token name. Now follow the steps below.      

In Futura click on “Setup” at the top of the screen.

  1. Click on “Patients”
  2. Click on “Patient Forms”
  3. Type in the name of the form you are about to insert to assure that it is not already in your list of patient forms If it I not currently in you it of patient forms,
  4. Click the “Insert” button
  5. Paste the token name in the “Token Name” box    * Note: the “Sugg. Form Name” and “Display Name” will auto populate 
  6. Now click the “Save” button
  7. Finally, type in t name of the patient form you inserted         

Token Name : AOPA172
Suggested Display Name : AOPA Lower Extremity Version 2
Associated Word Document: AOPA172.DOC

* AOPA Lower Extremity Version 2 Form is a printable patient form 

aopa172-1 aopa172-2 aopa172-3 aopa172-4 aopa172-5

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