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Invoice Printing

To print an invoice directly from a transaction, either select the Options button at the bottom of the transaction or right click to bring up the menu. Navigate to Printing > Print Invoice. The shortcut Ctrl + I will also bring you directly to the invoice window.

The invoice window allows you to preview the information that will print or make changes to the Provided To or Bill To options.

Type in any changes necessary for mailing/billing. The notes area allows the F2 function (auto notes) to be selected as well as free-typing notes specific to this claim. Any notes will print at the bottom of the invoice. Select Print to bring up the preview screen.

The preview screen will appear allowing you to view exactly what the invoice will look like before being printed.

It is not recommended to free-type changes in the preview screen because the formatted printing could be changed.

Press the Esc key to close the window and open print prompt. If you wish to make any additional changes to the Bill To, Provided To or additional notes say NO to printing and make the changes on the Invoice screen that appears above. If everything is correct select Yes to print.

Any existing changes can be removed by selecting the Delete button at the bottom of the Invoice screen.

The window will disappear after hitting the Delete button. The next time you print the invoice it will pull the data entered on the patient record.

Common mistakes can include:
  • Making changes to the print preview screen instead of the Invoice window
  • Forgetting to delete previously changed information before making new changes
  • Selecting File > Print instead of hitting Esc to print
  • Verify the information on the Bill To tab of the patient record

Changes can be made to the location and information that prints on the invoice. Please contact Technical Support at the number below with your request and we will be happy to assist you.

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact support at 1-800-840-6057 and selecting option 1 or emailing                                                                           Print Invoice Instructions

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