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Reminder: 2016 CEDI Trading Partner Recertification Process

The National Government Services, Inc. Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Common Electronic Data Interchange (CEDI) annual Trading Partner Recertification began on July 1, 2016 and will conclude on December 30, 2016.


CEDI Trading Partners who have not recertified by December 30, 2016 will be made inactive the first week of January 2017. 


Who Should Complete the Recertification Form

Recertification is the responsibility of the owner of the Medicare DME CEDI Trading Partner ID used to exchange electronic transactions with CEDI. Suppliers using a billing service or clearinghouse who do not have a CEDI Trading Partner ID of their own will not complete the Recertification Form. If you are not sure if you will need to complete the Recertification Form, please contact your billing service/clearinghouse for clarification on your setup.

How to Complete the Recertification Form

The 2016 CEDI Recertification Form is located on the CEDI Web site http://www.ngscedi.com under CEDI Recertification Form 2016.

The Recertification Form will be completed online and will not need to be faxed to CEDI. Once the form has been received and processed, CEDI will notify the Trading Partner via the e-mail address submitted on the Recertification Form.

Only the authorized contacts provided on the recertification form are able to request a password change, reset, and have access to restricted information related to the Trading Partner ID.  Please be sure to list all individuals who will need access to this information on the recertification form.  If additional contacts are needed, Trading Partners can complete the Additional Contact Information Form.

NOTE: Please be sure to list the owner of the Trading Partner ID as one of the authorized contacts.

Checking Status of Recertification Forms

CEDI offers an online tool to check the status of your CEDI Trading Partner Recertification Form for 2016.  To access the tool, select Recertification Status Check Tool on the CEDI Web site www.ngscedi.com under Self-Service Tools.  Trading Partners will need to provide the recertification e-mail address and either the Trading Partner ID or RID (Request ID) Number assigned to the form when it was submitted. An instruction guide has been provided with more information on how to use the tool.

CEDI requires that Trading Partner information remain accurate.  It is the responsibility of the Trading Partner to submit a new recertification form to CEDI with updated information if any information changes during the year. The information can be updated at any time by completing a new recertification form.

Questions regarding completing the recertification, updating contacts, or checking status of the recertification form can be directed to the CEDI Help Desk at ngs.cedihelpdesk@anthem.com or at 866-311-9184.

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