Daily Close

How to run a Daily Close

The Daily Close is a function within Futura that processes claims with a zero balance. This function works behind the scenes to help ensure data integrity.  Due to this, OPIE/Futura Support highly recommends that this function be inserted into your best practices and performed on a daily basis.

Before starting the Daily Close function, everything must be posted, billed, and balanced. All other users must log off of the system.

To access the Daily Close go to the top navigation bar. Once there click on Admin, navigate down to Maintenance and click on Daily Close.  If desired this functionality can also be added to the Quick Click tool bar.



Once this is selected, a message warning that the Daily Close will make a permanent change to data. If you want to continue with the Daily Close, click ‘Yes’, otherwise click ‘No’.  If you click ‘No’ then the function will abort without making any changes to the system.




If other users are still logged in an error message will pop up in the middle of the screen and the user can retry after clicking OK. This message will continue to appear if there are users still logged in.





When it is finished the Summary Journal and Payments Report will appear in a window on the screen. If the reports are not printed at this time, they can be retrieved and printed at a later date using the Futura Reports tool and searching on the date closed.

To add Daily Close to the Quick Click toolbar, right click anywhere on the tool bar and click Customize. Find the line that says ‘Daily Close‘ and drag it out into the tool bar.  The Daily Close button has been added to the tool bar now and is a shortcut to access the Daily Close function.




If there are any additional questions about how to use this tool, please feel free to call our support line at 1-800-840-6057 and it would be our pleasure to help.


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