HCPC Description Update

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HCPC Code Description Update Utility

This utility will update all your HCPC codes with the current long description for that code.

1. Inside Futura go to Utilities > System Utilities > Get Updates and run “HCPC Long Description Updater”.

2. Follow the prompts to download the utility. Once it has downloaded it will automatically start.

3. You will get a screen that will allow you to choose to update Long or Short descriptions and what case types you want the text to be. For this particular process, we are going to update the long description.

          • Under “Descriptions to Update” select the check mark for “Long Description”
          • Under “Output Case Type” if you want all the long description text to be upper case, select the option “All Upper Case” if you want all the long description text to be a mix of upper and lower case, select “Mixed Case” Below is an example of the utility setup to update the long description and make it all Upper case.”

4. Click the “Run” button. You will get a notice that this process cannot be undone without a backup of the data. If you’re not sure about making this change and you don’t have a backup of your data then click No to continue.

If you choose yes, once the process has completed, click the done button to close the utility.

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