Accounts Receivable

The RX for Your A/R

At Futura, we understand that your primary focus is patient care, not financial accounting. Still, too many medical practitioners find either themselves or their support staff saddled the responsibility of collecting payments from care given weeks or months earlier.  Aging claims are extremely difficult to collect. Developing the means and ways of handling collection activities can be time consuming, not to mention the manner in which it can remove your focus from the primary task.   Given this, managing your Accounts Receivable, or A/R, is critical to the success of your business, which directly impacts your ability to continue providing quality care to your patients and customers.

Accounts receivables, or A/R, are the life’s blood of any healthy practice. Futura ensures that you’re A/R problems disappear and instead become a manageable situation that keeps your business thriving! Futura offers you a sophisticated billing system providing electronic claim submission and retrieval from over 6,200 payers, including worker compensation payers. We support batch and individual submissions from a centralized billing location or from satellite facilities. With Futura, manage you’re A/R your way. Set up the billing cycle that works best for your business and ensure a steady cash flow in this key business area.

Ideally, a healthy practice makes sure that the 0-30 day billings are 80% of the total A/R for that practice. If your business is not running your billing at that rate, we can help. We work with you to understand your billing cycles. Once we do, we make sure you are equipped with the essential reporting tools enabling you to keep the pulse of your business and its billing. Managing your A/R requirements was never easier.

For more information on how Futura can make your billing more efficient and effective, please call us at 800-840-6057. We are also available via email at

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