Futura Update

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New Features, Updates and Fixes

Version W6.5 2016.08.15 (NON-Hosted)


We are pleased to bring an update to on-premise customers – Futura Version W6.5 – that includes a new enhancement and a fix for a recently-discovered issue! These changes include:

  •  Ability to send claims for ZirMed through an  sFTP portal.
  •  Custom settings on HCPC codes were being reset when a new fee schedule was imported. This has been corrected.
Here are a few things to note about the update process:
The software update itself:
  1. Please ask an administrator or your IT specialist to go to the top tool in Futua and click on Utilities > System Utilities > Get Updates. Under “Available Updates,” select the option SoftwareUpdate. Click Run Update and follow the prompts to update your server. Have your admin or IT company notify you when the update is completed.
  2. Once the update of the server is done, someone in your office will need to update each workstation. In most cases your workstations should have a “Futura Update” icon on them from when a Futura tech manually did the update in the past. If you don’t have this icon on a workstation and you need help updating them, please call 1-800-840-6057.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the update or import procedures, please feel free to call Technical Support at 1-800-840-6057.


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