April Medicare Fee Update

April 2018 Medicare Code and Fee Update


CMS has released the 2nd quarter 2018 fee schedule. There are no fee changes for Orthotic and Prosthetic codes.

There are modifier changes and some description changes for Oxygen codes. If desired, you can read about them here: April 2018 Quarterly Update


The code K0903 has been added. This code, and all other changes, must be entered manually into your Futura system through Setup -> Codes -> HCPC. (Please keep in mind that this code is approved for use beginning April 1, 2018.)


The Short description for this code is:

Mult den insert dir carv/cam.


The long description for this code is:

For Diabetics Only, Multiple Density Insert, Made By Direct Carving With CAM Technology From A Rectified CAD Model Created From A Digitized Scan Of The Patient, Total Contact With Patient’s Foot, Including Arch, Base Layer Minimum Of 3/16 Inch Material Of Shore A 35 Durometer (Or Higher), Includes Arch Filler And other Shaping Material, Custom Fabricated, Each.


Insert Medicare 2018 fee of $43.56 (for all states and jurisdictions).

Click “Save.”


The 2018 Second Quarter CMS Fee Schedule changes in their entirety can be found here:   Download Entire Fee Schedule

Please feel free to contact Futura Support at (800) 840-6057 or by email Futura.Support@oandp.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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